Mission Statement:

On Dec 17th, hundreds of residents showed up at the Truth in Taxation hearings to express their disapproval of a proposed property tax increase. Their pleas were ignored and Utah County Commissioners passed a 67.4% Property Tax increase, expected to bring in over 19 MILLION DOLLAR additional revenue.

A Referendum application was filed on December 18th by Residents for Responsible Government, putting the county on notice that we want this put to the ballot for voters to decide.

Residents for Responsible Government call upon Utah County to act responsibly, live within their budget, reduce spending, reduce waste, increase efficiency and allow the people to decide if the property tax should become law.

We began the signature gathering process on January 24th. We invite all concerned residents to work with us to achieve the goal of 50,000 signatures. To make it easier for signers, we are asking for Utah County businesses to “host a packet”.

The “kickoff” meeting was held January 23 at Design West Interiors, 124 S. State St., Orem, UT

Petition packets/ lanyards/ placards, training on how to use the app VETI, determine location captains, and rally support were provided/discussed at the kickoff meeting.

For more information contact: Julie Blaney 801-885-1007 (text preferred).

Join our facebook group; Residents for Responsible Government- Utah County.

Also, all donation are tax deductible and can be made at Venmo: @Residents-ResponsibleGov.

Together we will win!